(L-R) His Majesty King Tupou VI and Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pōhiva

The king’s decision to investigate and prosecute any breaches of law by some Cabinet ministers, including the Prime Minister, has mirrored the same advice PM ‘Akilisi Pōhiva gave to the petitioners last month.

The petitioners accused the Prime Minister and other Ministers of his cabinet of abusing their powers, breaching the law and corruption.

They demanded the king immediately shut down Parliament and establish an interim government.

They also demanded His Majesty establish a royal commission to investigate the government.

PM Pohiva’s response

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In his response on February 22 which was sent to Kaniva and other local news media, the Prime Minister said he accepted any criticisms against him, but wanted these criticisms to be factual, accurate and in good spirit.

He recommended the petitioners complain to the Ombudsman, Police, Auditor General or take legal action against any cabinet ministers they accused. 

In Tongan the statement said:

“Ko hono ‘uhinga ia ‘oku toutou kole atu ai ‘e ‘Eiki Palemia kia kinautolu na’a nau fa’u ‘a e Tohi Tangi ke nau launga’i ‘a e kau Minisitaa ‘oku nau tukuaki’i kuo nau maumau’i ‘a e Konisitutone pe ko e lao ‘o e Fonua ki he ngaahi sino Ma’u Mafai faka-lao.”

This translates into English as: “This was why the Prime minister regularly asked the petitioners to lodge their complaints with proper government authorities against the Ministers whom they claimed breached the laws of the nation.”

The complaints

The petitioners accused the Prime Minister of breaking the law and claimed he had declared in Parliament that he was above the law. They also accused the Prime Minister over the Popua national park project.

The petitioners accused the former Minister of Public Enterprises Poasi Tei of importing building materials from China for his own use through containers that belonged to a private company which built a solar farm at Matatoa. They claimed it was planned that after the building was completed it would be rented out to a former CEO of the Tonga Power Ltd for TP$10,000 a month.

The petitioners told the king this was very expensive in comparison with Tonga’s renting rates.

The petitioners also accused Deputy Prime Minister Sēmisi Sika of not paying taxes for 20 years. It also alleged that the Ministry of Revenue attempted to take legal action against Hon. Sika, but that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Revenue intervened.

They claimed the unpaid taxes of the Deputy Prime Minister were worth more than TP$ 1 million.

The petitioners also accused the Minister of Trade and Economic Development, Hon. Tu’i Uata of threatening Ports Authority staff.

They also alleged Hon. Uata temprarily suspended his Ports Authority CEO, Mosese Lavemai, after Lavemai ordered the recovery of an outstanding payment of $400,000 by the Uata Shipping Line, a company belonging to Hon Uata’s parents.

The petitioners said the allegations indicated that there were bad governance, nepotism and, dishonesty and illegal actions by the top leaders of the country.      

PM denies allegations

The February responses from the Prime Minister’s office denied all the accusations raised in the petitions.

The Prime Minister said the statement in Parliament to which the petition referred,  came from what he said in a letter in 1994 to then Attorney General Tevita Tupou. Tupou demanded he apologise after he made a statement about the late King Taufa’ahau, saying he was “a dictator” and accusing him of “financial legerdemain” over the proceeds of sales of Tongan passports to foreigners and revenues of Tongasat.

Pōhiva refused to apologise and a court decision later freed him.

Hon. Pohiva also said in his response to the petitoners there were people in history who lived in societies which had laws, but who breached those laws because they had mission for the people which was more important than those laws. He said the Biblical figure Daniel, who was sent to the lions, was an example as were Martin Luther King Jr in the United State and Mahatma Ghandi of India.

In response to the accusation against the Prime Minister over the Popua Park projects, the Prime Minister said the Auditor General had already dealt with the matter and found the Prime Minister had not breached any laws.

In response to the accusation against Hon. Tei, the Prime Minister said the Chinese company did not give any building materials to Hon. Tei and he did not have any rental house whatsoever.

“The house where Hon. Tei is currently living with his family was built before Hon. Tei was elected to Parliament,” the Prime Minister replied in Tongan.

In his response to accusations made against Hon. Uata, the Prime Minister said the decision to suspend the Authority’s CEO was made by its Board of Directors not the Minister.

Hon. Pōhiva also said the Ports Authority took Uata Shipping to court after it failed to pay its outstanding debts.

The Supreme Court ordered the Authority to sell two vessels belonging to the Uata Shipping Line to help pay off their debts. However, the Authority and the shipping company later met and agreed that Uata would repair its two vessels and operate them so they could make money that would help them pay back their debts.

With regards to the allegation that Hon. Uata had threatened Port Authority staff, the Prime Minister said he had yet to receive any complaint against the Minister.

In response to accusations about the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Pohiva said the Ministry of Revenue had issued a statement last year denying the accusation against Hon. Sika which was falsely reported on local media.

There were other accussations against the government raised in the petitions but Hon. Pōhiva said they had been dealt with by the Auditor General in its investigation following a petition submitted to Parliament last year.

King’s  petitions

In response to the petitoners, instead of desolving Parliament, the king ordered the Ombudsman, the Attorney General and the Police Commissioner to conduct an investigation and prosecute “where a prima facie case is established.”

The main points

  • The king’s decision to investigate and prosecute any breaches of law by some Cabinet ministers, including the Prime Minister, has mirrored the same advice PM ‘Akilisi Pohiva gave to the petitioners last month.
  • The petitioners accused the Prime Minister and other Ministers of his cabinet of abusing their powers, breaching the law and corruption.
  • They demanded the king immediately shut down Parliament and establish an interim government.

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    1. ‘Oku loto ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia ke fakahoko ha’ane tali ki he Tohi Tangi kuo fakahu atu ki he ‘Ofisi Palasi ‘e Sione Teisina Fuko pea mo William Clive Edwards, koe’uhi ke mea’i ‘e Hou’eiki pea ‘ilo ‘e he kakai kotoa ‘a e kakato pea mo e mo’oni’i me’a totonu ‘oku ha ‘i he ngaahi tukuaki’i ‘o e Pule’anga lolotonga ‘i he Tohi Tangi.
    2. Na’e feinga ‘a e ‘Ofisi Palemia he ‘aho Pulelulu (20 ‘o Fepueli 2019) ki a Teisina Fuko pea mo Viliami Uasike Latu ke ‘omai ha tatau ‘o e Tohi Tangi na’e fakahu atu ki he ‘Ofisi Palasi ka na’e fakahoko mai mei a Vilami Uasike Latu ‘oku ‘ikai loto ‘a Sione Teisina Fuko mo William Clive Edwards ke tukuange mai ha tatau ki he ‘Eiki Palemia ‘o e fonua, neongo ko e ngaahi tukuaki’I ‘oku fai ai ‘oku fakataumu’a ke to e veteki ‘e he ‘Ene ‘Afio ‘a e Fale Alea pea ke fakamalolo’i e Eiki Palemia lolotonga mo e Houe’iki Minista ‘o e Kapineti.
    3. ‘Oku loto ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia ke fakamahino’i, ‘oku ne tali ‘a e ngaahi fakaanga kotoa ‘oku ‘i ai hano makatu’unga lelei faka-lao pea mo e ngaahi fakamo’oni ta’e toe veiveiua kuo ‘i ai ha faihala pe tonounou faka-lao pe fakakonisenisi ha kupu ‘o e Pule’anga.
    4. Kapau ‘e fakamo’oni’i ‘oku mo’oni pehe ha fakaanga ‘i ha tohi tangi pe ko ha launga pe, ‘oku tukupa ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia te ne fai hono fatongia he vave taha ke ta’ofi mo faka-lelei’i ha fehalaaki pe maumaulao pehe ‘i he vave taha.
    5. Ka ‘oku ‘ikai ke tali ‘e he ‘Eiki Palemia mo e Pule’anga ni ha fakaanga ‘oku ‘ikai hano fakamo’oni totonu mo pau fekau’aki mo ha ngaue pe tu’utu’uni ‘a e Pule’anga kuo hoko ai ha monuka ‘a e Konisitutone mo e lao ‘o e Fonua, pe ko ha fakaanga ‘oku ta’e mo’oni. ‘Oku kau heni mo ha ngaahi fakaanga ‘oku fakahoko’aki ‘a e loto kovi, taaufehi’a pe filifilimanako.
    6. Na’e fakamahino mai foki ‘e Viliami Uasike Latu he ‘aho Pulelulu (20 ‘o Fepueli 2019) ko e Tohi Tangi na’e fakahu atu ki he ‘Ofisi Palasi he ‘aho Monite (18 ‘o Fepueli, 2019) ‘oku tatau tofu pe mo e Tohi Tangi na’e pulusi ‘i he nusipepa Taimi ‘o Tonga he ‘aho 22 ‘o Sanuali 2019.
    7. Koi a ai, ko e tali ‘oku ‘oatu ko eni ‘oku fakatatau ia ki he ngaahi tukuaki’i na’e ‘asi ‘i he Tohi Tangi na’e pulusi ‘i he Taimi ‘o Tonga
    8. ‘Oku ‘ikai ha lave ‘a e tali ni ki he konga B1, B2, B4 mo e B8 ‘o e Tohi Tangi he na’e ‘ohake ‘a e ngaahi tukuaki’i tatau ‘i he Tohi Tangi na’e fakahu ki Fale Alea ‘i he ‘aho 30 ‘o Me 2018. Ko e konga lahi ‘o e ngaahi tukuaki’i ko ia na’e tuhu ki ha ngaahi tu’utu’uni mo ha ngaue ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia mo e kau Minisita makehe ‘e toko 7 na’e ta’e fakalao mo ta’e totonu tokua, pea na’e ‘osi ‘oatu e ngaahi tali ki ai pea fai tu’utu’uni ki ai ‘a e Sea mo e kau memipa ‘o e Fale Alea, hili ha ngaue ‘a e ‘Ofisi ‘o e ‘Atita Seniale.
    9. Ka ‘oku nofo ‘ae tali ni ki he kongaB3, B5, B6, B7 ‘o e Tohi Tangi pea mo e tukuaki’i makehe ‘o e ‘Eiki Palemia fekau’aki mo e hopo ki he pa’anga tokoni mei he Pule’anga Siaina na’e ‘ave ta’e fakalao ki he kautaha Tongasat.
    10. ‘Oku fakalea ‘a e konga ‘o e Konga B3 ‘a e Tohi Tangi ‘o pehe ni: “‘Oku ha mahino mei he Miniti Fika 32 ‘o e feme’a’aki ‘a e Fale Alea ‘o Tonga ‘o e ‘aho Tu’apulelulu 8 ‘o Novema 2018 ‘a e me’a ‘a e Palemia hili hano fehu’i kiate ia ‘i he Fale Alea ‘o Tonga lolotonga ‘a e feme’a’aki ‘e he Fakafofonga Nopele Fika 1 ‘o Vava’u Lord Tu’ilakepa pe ‘oku ne lava pe ‘o maumau’i ‘a e lao pea ko ekonga ‘a e tali ‘a e Palemia na’a ne me’a ‘o pehe:
    “Hou’eiki ‘oku ‘i ai ‘a e taimi ‘oku moulaloa e lao ki ha ui ‘oku toe fu’u matu’aki ma’olunga ange.”
    “Na’e fakamafola fakahangatonu mai ‘i he ngalu’ea ‘a e feme’a’aki ‘a e Fale Alea ‘o Tonga pea na’e me’a hangatonu kiai ‘a Hou’eiki mo e kakai ‘o e fonua. ‘Ikai ngata ai na’e hoko koha kaveinga talanga lahi ‘i he fonua ni mo muli foki.
    “Ko e fakamo’oni malohi mo taau eni ‘oku ne fakamahino mai ko e Palemia ‘o e ‘aho ni ‘oku ma’olunga ange ia ‘i he lao pea ‘oku ne vetehia mai ‘oku ne maumau’i ‘a e lao”
    Ko e tali eni ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia ki he konga B3:
    11. Ko e lea ko ‘eni na’e fou mai ia mei he fetohi’aki ‘i he vaha’a ‘o e ‘Eiki Palemia, ko e fakafofonga Fale Alea mo e Minisita Lao mo ‘Ateni Seniale ko Tevita Poasi Tupou ‘i he 1994 fekau’aki mo hono faka’ilo ‘o e Fakafofonga ‘o makatu’unga ‘i he ‘ene lea na’e pulusi ‘e he nusipepa ‘Amelika ko e Wall Street Journal..
    12. Na’e tohi ‘a Tevita Tupou kihe Fakafofonga ‘o pehe“… Ko ho’o fakamatala na’e pulusi ‘i he makasini Wall Street Journal ‘e lau ia ko e hia ki he state pea ‘oku ne fakaongoongo kovi’i e Tu’i mo e Tama Pilinisi….pea ‘oku maumau ai ‘a e Lao ki he Ngaahi Hia, Kupu 47 ‘o e Lao ‘o Tonga, ko e tautea ‘e ala a’u ki he ta’u ‘e 7 ngaue popula. Ko ia ai ‘oku ou fokotu’u atu keke kole fakamolemole ‘o pulusi ‘i he makasini Wall Street Journal.
    13. Na’e tali ‘ae Fakafofonga ‘o pehe,“‘Eiki Minisita, ‘oku ou tui ‘oku ‘ikai ha
    ‘uhinga ke makatu’unga ai ha kole fakamolemole ‘o hange ko ho’o fiema’u … ko ‘eku ngaahi fakamatala na’e fai tau’ataina ‘o makatu’unga ‘i he me’a totonu mo mo’oni na’e hoko.…”
    14. Pea na’e faka’osi ‘aki ‘e ne tali ‘a e kupu’i lea ko eni, “Ka ko ‘eni, lolotonga ‘oku mahu’inga ‘a e lao koe’uhi ko e maau mo e tu’unga malu ‘o e fonua, ‘E ‘i ai pe ‘a e taimi ‘e mo’ulaloa ai e lao ki ha ui oku ma’olunga ange.”
    15. Na’e fokotu’u mai ‘e he ‘Ateni Seniale, Tevita Tupou ‘i he’ene tohi kuo maumau’i ‘e he Fakafofonga ‘a e Lao ki he Ngaahi Hia, Kupu 47 pea ko e tautea ‘e ala ngaue popula ki he ta’u ‘e 7.
    16. Na’e ua ‘a e tali ki he fokotu’u. ‘Uluaki, na’e mei faingofua ange ki he Fakafofonga ke ne tali ‘a e fokotu’u mei he ‘Eiki Minisita na’a ne maumau’i e lao pea ke ne kole fakamolemole ka ne hao mei he ngaue popula ta’u ‘e 7. Ka na’e ‘ikai te ne tali he na’e ‘i ai e me’a na’e ha mai kiate ia ‘oku loloto pea mahulu atu hono mahu’inga ki he hala fononga ki he kaha’u.
    17. ‘Oku faka’amu e ‘Eiki Palemia ke fakamahino’i, ko ‘ene a’u ki he tu’unga ‘oku ‘i ai he ‘aho ni, na’e ‘ikai makatu’unga ‘i he tauhi ‘o e lao pe, ka ki he taliui ki he ui ‘oku ma’olunga ange ma’a e lelei fakalukufua ‘a e kakai ‘a e fonua.
    18. Mei he hisitolia mo e Tohi Tapu, ‘oku ha ai ‘a e hingoa ‘a e ngaahi kakai na’a nau situ’a mei he lao ka nau taliui ki he ui ko ia. Pea ko e ni’ihi eni ‘o kinautolu, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Siaosi Tupou I, Taniela mei he Tohi Tapu mo ha ni’ihi kehe ‘oku ‘ikai ha atu honau hingoa.
    19. Ko e katoa e kau taki ko ‘eni na’e ‘i ai pe lao ‘i honau taimi takitaha, ka na’e ‘i ai pe taimi na’e pau kenau situ’a ki he lao kanau tali ui ki he ui ‘oku mahulu atu hono mahu’inga, ke hoko ko e taulama ki he hala fononga ke fou atu ai ‘a e ngaahi to’utangata, pea na’e pau kenau fua hono ngaahi ha’aha’a.
    20. ‘Oku mahino ‘aupito mei he lea na’e fai ‘e he ‘Eiki Palemia, kapau ‘e lau kotoa ‘a e palakalafi, ‘e mahino ‘oku ‘ikai ke ne fakata’e’aonga’i e lao ‘o e fonua he ‘oku mahu’inga ‘o e malu, tau’ataina mo e melino ‘a e kakai ‘o e fonua.
    21. ‘Oku fakalea ‘a e Konga B5 ‘a e Tohi Tangi ‘o pehe ni: “‘Oku ‘osi ha mahino ‘i he Tohi Tangi ‘a e kakai ki he Fale Alea ‘a e kaveinga ni ka ‘oku fakamamafa’i atu pe ‘i heni he ko e Tokoni Palemia ‘eni ‘o e fonua pea ‘oku ne kaungatonu ki hono fakalele ‘a e pisinisi faka-famili ‘a hono famili pea kuo laka hake he ta’u ‘e 20 ‘a e tupu ‘a e ngaahi pisinisi ko eni ka ‘oku ‘ikai pe totongi ha tukuhau ia. Na’e ngaue ‘a e Potungaue Tukuhau ‘a e Pule’anga ke fakahoko hano faka’ilo ‘o e Tokoni Palemia ke fakahoko ha fakatonutonu fakalao mo ‘eke ke totongi ‘a e tukuhau ko ‘eni ka na’e ta’ofi ‘eni ‘e he Minisita Tanaki Tukuhau pehe ki he Palemia.
    “Ko e mo’ua tukuhau ko eni ‘oku laka hake he pa’anga ‘e miliona pea ‘oku ne ‘omai ‘i heni ‘a e fakatata mahino ki he pule kovi, fakapone mo ‘ikai faitotonu mo e ngaue ta’e fakalao ‘a e kau taki ma’olunga ‘o e fonua.”
    22. Ko e tali eni ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia ki he Konga B5:
    (1) ‘Oku kehekehe ‘a e sino faka-lao mo faka-kautaha (incorporated and registered company) ‘a e Kautaha Five Star Construction mei he sino ‘a e ‘Eiki Tokoni Palemia Semisi Sika.
    (2) ‘Oku ‘ikai ha mo’ua tukuhau ia ‘a e ‘Eiki Tokoni Palemia. Na’e ‘osi fakaha faka-‘ofisiale eni ‘e he Pule Ngaue ‘o e Potungaue Tanaki Pa’anga Hu Mai mo e Tute ‘i he fakamatala na’e fakaha ki he kakai pea pulusi ‘i he nusipepa ‘Kakalu ‘o Tonga’ ‘o e ‘aho 5 Siulai 2018, ‘a ia na’e fakaha ‘o pehe:
    “‘Oku faka’amu ‘a e Potungaue Tanaki Pa’anga Hu Mai mo e Tute ke fakama’ala’ala atu ‘a e ongoongo ‘i he Nusipepa Talaki ‘o e ‘aho 8 ‘o Me 2018 ‘i he peesi 3 ‘o fekau’aki mo hono tukuaki’i ‘oku ‘i ai ‘a e mo’ua tukuhau laumiliona ‘a e Tokoni Palemia, Hon Semisi Sika. Ko e ongoongo ko ‘eni ‘oku loi pea ‘oku ne takihala’i ‘a e kakai ‘o e fonua. ‘Oku toe pehe foki ‘e he Talaki ‘i he ongoongo tatau na’e ‘i ai ‘a e tu’utu’uni atu ‘a e Pule’anga ki he Potungaue ke ‘oua na’a fakahoko ha faka’ilo ‘o e Tokoni Palemia ‘i he me’a ni. ‘Oku fie fakaha atu heni ‘oku loi mo e ongoongo ko ‘eni….”
    (3) Ko e Kautaha Five Star Construction ‘oku ‘i ai ‘a ‘enau mo’ua tukuhau, hange pe ko e ngaahi kautaha tokolahi ‘i Tonga ni, pea ‘oku fai pe ‘a e fengaue’aki ‘a e Kautaha koia pea mo e Potungaue Tanaki Pa’anga Hu Mai mo e Tute ki hono totongi ‘a e mo’ua tukuhau koia.
    23. Ko e Konga B6 ‘o e Tohi Tangi ‘oku faka-lea ‘o pehe:
    “Ko e Minisita ko eni makehe ange mei hono ngaahi tukuaki’i ‘i he Tohi Tangi mo e ngaue na’e fakahoko kiate ia ‘i he Lipooti ‘a e ‘Atita na’a ne fakahoko ha ngaahi fakamanamana ki he kau ngaue ‘a e Poate Taulanga pea kau mo ‘ene kaungatonu ki hono tuku ki tu’a ‘o e CEO fakataimi ‘a e Poate Taulanga, Mosese Lavemai makatu’unga ‘i hono ‘eke ‘a e mo’ua ‘oku laka hake ‘i he pa’anga ‘e $400,000 ‘o ‘enau kautaha fakafamili ko e Uata Shipping Line ki he Poate Taulanga.
    “‘Oku totongi ‘e he ngaahi kautaha vaka mo e kakai ‘o e fonua ‘a e totongi uafu ka ‘oku ‘ikai fie totongi mo’ua ‘a e Minisita ko eni. ‘Oku ‘ikai ngata ai ka kuo totongi e he kakai ki he kautaha ko eni ‘a e totongi makehe fekau’aki mo e fefolau’aki vaka ‘o kau ai ‘a e tonnage ka ‘oku ‘ikai totongi ‘e he kautaha ni ki he Poate Taulanga mo e Pule’anga.
    “‘Oku toe hulu’i mai ‘a e ‘ata ko’eni ‘a e pule kovi, fa’ifa’iteliha mo e matu’aki faihala mo’oni pea ‘oku kanoni ‘aki ‘a e toutou ‘asi mai ‘a e Minisita ko eni he mitia ke fakatonuhia’i ‘a e ngaahi ngaue hala ko ‘eni.
    24. Ko e tali ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia ‘oku pehe ni:
    (1) Na’e faka’ilo ‘e he Ma’u Mafai ki he Taulanga ‘a e Kautaha Uata Shipping koe’uhi ko e ‘ikai totongi hono ngaahi mo’ua ki he Ma’u Mafai.
    (2) Na’e tu’utu’uni leva ‘e he Fakamaau’anga Lahi ‘i Aokosi mo Sepitema 2018 ‘o faka’ataa ‘a e Ma’u Mafai ke ne fakatau atu e ongo vaka ‘o e Kautaha ko e MV Pulupaki mo e MV Punalei ke tapuni ‘aki honau mo’ua.
    (3) Ko e mo’ua fakalukufua ‘o e Kautaha Vaka Uata ki he Ma’u Mafai ‘i he ‘ene a’u ki Sanuali 2019 ‘oku fe’unga mo e $170,916.67.
    (4) Kimu’a pea fakahoko hano fakatau atu ‘e he Ma’u Mafai ‘a e ongo vaka ‘o e Kautaha ‘o fakatatau ki he tu’utu’uni ‘a e Fakamaau’anga Lahi, na’e toe anga’ofa ‘a e Ma’u Mafai ‘o fai ‘a e talatalanoa pea mo e Kautaha ki ha founga ‘e lava ai ke ta fakafoki ‘e he Kautaha hono mo’ua ka e ‘oua e fakatau atu hono ongo vaka.
    (5) Na’e felotoi leva ‘a e Ma’u Mafai mo e Kautaha, ke tuku ange ha taimi ki he Kautaha ke saupulu ‘enau ngaahi vaka koe’uhi ka nau foki ‘o faifatongia ke ma’u mai ha pa’anga ‘a e Kautaha ke totongi ‘aki honau mo’ua.
    (6) Na’e loto lelei leva ‘a e Ma’u Mafai ke tuku atu ki he Kautaha ha faingamalie ke fai ai e saupulu ko ia ‘o ngata ki ‘Aokosi 2019, pea ko e tu’unga ia ‘oku ‘i ai ‘a e mo’ua ‘o e Kautaha Uata Shipping ki he Ma’u Mafai ki he Taulanga.
    (7) Fakatokanga’i ange na’e totongi ‘e he Kautaha Uata Shipping ki he Ma’u Mafai ki he Taulanga ‘a e $108,750.00 ‘i he ‘aho 22 ‘o Ma’asi 2016 ki hono ngaue’aki ‘e honau ngaahi vaka ‘a e taulanga.
    (8) ‘Oku ‘ikai ke ‘i ai ha mafai ‘e taha ‘o ha Minisitā ke tu’utu’uni pe te ne fakamanamana’i ha tokotaha ngāue ‘o e Ma’u Mafai ki he Taulanga.
    (9) Kapau ‘e ‘i ai ha Minisitā te ne fakamanamana’i ha tokotaha ngāue, ‘oku ‘atā ke lipooti ‘eni ki he kau Polisi Tonga, pe ko e Ma’u Mafai pe ko e Minisitā ki he Ngaahi Pisinisi ‘a e Pule’angá, pe ko e ‘Eiki Palēmiá, Fakataha Kapinetí pe ko e ‘Omipatimení.
    (10) ‘Oku a’u mai ki he ‘aho ni ‘oku te’eki ke fakahoko mai ha launga pehe ni, pe ko ha launga pehe ni ‘oku poupou’i’aki ha fakamo’oni falala’anga.
    (11) ‘Oku ‘ikai ha mafai ‘a e ‘Eiki Minisitā ‘o e Komeesí, Konisiumá, Fefakatau’akí, ‘Ilo Fo’oú mo e Ngāue ‘a e Kakaí, Tu’i Uata ke ne tu’utu’uni pe te ne fakalanga ke fakahoko ha tu’utu’uni ke tuku ki tu’a ha ‘Ofisa Pule Ngāue (CEO) pe ko ha tokotaha ngāue ‘i he Ma’u Mafai ki he Taulanga.
    (12) Ko e tuku ki tu’a fakataimi ‘a e ‘Ofisa Pule Ngāué ki he Ma’u Mafai ki he Taulanga, ko e tu’utu’uni pe ia ‘a e Poate ‘o e Kau Talekita ‘o e Ma’u Mafai ki he Taulanga, pea kuo ‘osi to e fakafoki mai pe ‘e he Ma’u Mafai ki he Taulanga ‘a Mosese Lavemai ki hono lakanga ko e ‘Ofisa Pule Ngaue (CEO).
    25. Ko e Konga B7 ‘o e Tohi Tangi ‘oku faka-lea ‘o pehe ni:
    “‘Oku ‘ikai foki ke kau ‘a e Minisita ko eni ‘i he toko 7 ‘o e kau Minisita ‘i he Tohi Tangi mo e Lipooti ‘a e ‘Atita ka ko ia na’e ‘i he fatongia ko e Minisita ki he Ngaahi Pisinisi ‘a e Pule’anga ‘i he ta’u 2017.
    “Na’e hanga ai ‘e he kautaha na’a nau fakahoko hono langa ‘a e faama solar Matatoa ‘o ‘omai ‘a e naunau langa mei Siaina ke langa’aki ‘a e falenofo’anga ‘o e Minisita ko eni.
    “Na’e fakahoko foki mo e alea fokotu’utu’u ke tuku atu foki ‘a e falenofo’anga ‘i he hili hono langa ko ‘eni ke nofo ai e CEO malolo ‘a e Poate ‘Uhila ‘a Tonga (Tonga Power Ltd.) ‘i he totongi ko e pa’anga ‘e $10,000 ki he mahina pea koe totongi mamafa mo’oni ‘eni ‘o fakahoa ki he tu’unga ‘o e nofo ‘i he fonua ni.
    “‘Oku ‘oatu foki ‘eni ko e fakatata ai pe ‘o e pule kovi, faihala, ngaue ta’e fakalao ‘a e Pule’anga ‘o e ‘aho ni.”

    26. Ko e tali ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia ‘oku pehe ni:
    (1) Na’e ‘ikai ke ‘oange ‘e ha Kautaha Siaina ha naunau langa fale ‘a e ‘Eiki Minisita Poasi Tei.
    (2) ‘Oku ‘ikai hano fale nofo totongi ‘i Hofoa pe ‘i ha feitu’u kehe ‘i Tonga ni.
    (3) Ko e fale nofo’anga ‘a e ‘Eiki Minisita Poasi Tei na’e langa ia ‘i Hofoa ‘i he ta’u ‘e 13 pe 14 ‘i he kuo hili.
    (4) Na’e langa ‘a e fale nofo’anga ni ‘i Hofoa ‘oku te’eki ke fili ‘a e ‘Eiki Minisita ki he Fale Alea.
    (5) Ko e fale nofo’anga ko’eni ‘oku ne lolotonga nofo ai mo hono family.
    (6) .‘Oku te’eki pe ke tuku atu ‘a e fale nofo’anga ni ‘i ha fa’ahinga taimi pe, ke nofo totongi ai ha taha.
    27. ‘Oku loto ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemiia ke fakamanatu atu ki he hou’eiki pea mo e kakai ‘o e fonua na’a ne ‘osi tu’utu’uni ‘i he ‘aho 11 ‘Epeleli 2018 ke tuku kitu’a mei he Kapineti ‘a e taha ‘o e kau Minisita na’a ne fili ke hoko ko e Minisita, hili hano faka’ilo ‘a e Minisita ko ia mo hono hoa ‘e he Potungaue Polisi fekau’aki mo ha ngaahi hia mamafa.
    28. ‘Oku te’eki ke fai ha tu’utu’uni aofangatuku ‘a e Fakamaau’anga fekau’aki mo e ngaahi faka’ilo ko ia. Ka ‘i he vakai ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia ‘oku ‘ikai ha fakaofiofi ‘e taha ‘a e ngaahi tukuaki’i kuo fai ‘e he Tohi Tangi ko ‘eni, ki he tu’unga mafatukutuki ko ia na’e makatu’unga ai ‘a ‘ene tuku kitu’a e ‘Eiki Minisita ko ee mei he Kapineti.
    29. Ko hono ‘uhinga ia ‘oku toutou kole atu ai ‘e ‘Eiki Palemia kia kinautolu na’a nau fa’u ‘a e Tohi Tangi ke nau launga’i ‘a e kau Minisitaa ‘oku nau tukuaki’i kuo nau maumau’i ‘a e Konisitutone pe ko e lao ‘o e Fonua ki he ngaahi sino Ma’u Mafai faka-lao. Kapau ko e launga ‘oku kau ai ha fakahoko ha hia, pea launga ki he Kau Polisi Tonga ke fakatotolo’i, pea kapau kuo fakahoko ha hia, pea faka’ilo ki he Fakamaau’anga. Pea kapau ‘oku ‘ikai ha fakamo’oni kuo fakahoko ha hia, ka kuo maumau’i ‘a e lao pea ke faka’ilo sivile ki he Fakamaau’anga. Pea kapau ko ha tu’utu’uni ngaue pe founga ngaue ‘oku ta’e fakafiemalie, pea launga ki he ‘Ofisi ‘o e ‘Omipatimeni, ke fakatotolo’i pea fakahoko ha fokotu’u ke faka-lelei’i ‘a e tu’utu’uni ngaue mo e faahoko ngaue koia. Pea kapau ko ha ngaue hala’aki ‘a e pa’anga pe ko e koloa ‘a e Pule’anga, pea ke nau launga ki he ‘Atita Seniale ke fakatotolo’i mo fakapapau’i pe ‘oku mo’oni pe ‘ikai.
    30. Ko e ngaahi sino ma’u mafai ia ‘oku ‘omai ‘e he lao ke fakahoko ki ai ha launga fekau’aki pea mo ha Ma’u Mafai, kau ai ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia mo e Hou’eiki Minisita, kuo tukuaki’i kuo nau maumau’i ha lao pe kuo nau fakahoko ha tu’utu’uni ngaue pe founga fakahoko ngaue ‘oku ‘ikai ke fakafiemalie.
    31. Neongo ‘oku faka’ataa ‘e he kupu 8 ‘o e Konisitutone ki ha taha pe ke Tohi Tangi ki he Fale Alea pe ko ‘Ene ‘Afio felave’i mo ha me’a ‘oku nau loto ke fai hano vakai’i, ‘oku fokotu’u atu ‘e he ‘Eiki Palemia ‘oku totonu ke to e fakakaukau lelei ange ‘a e kau fa’u Tohi Tangi ke ‘oua te nau faka-hoha’asi ‘a ‘Ene ‘Afio felave’i pea mo e ngaahi launga ‘oku te’eki ke fakamo’oni’i fakalao pe ‘omai ha fakamo’oni falala’anga ke fakapapau’i kuo maumau’i ‘e ha ‘Eiki Minisita ha lao.
    32. ‘Oku totonu ke nau ‘uluaki launga ki he ngaahi sino ma’u mafai ‘oku fakafatoniga kinautolu ‘e he lao kenau fakatotolo’i mo fai tu’utu’uni pe kuo maumau’i ha lao ‘e ha Ma’u Mafai, ‘o kau ai e Kau Polisi Tonga, Fakamaau’anga, ‘Ofisi ‘o e ‘Omipatimeni pe ko e ‘Atita Seniale.
    33. Kapau ‘e toki tu’utu’uni ‘e ha taha ‘a e ngaahi ma’u mafai ko ‘eni kuo fakahoko ‘e ha ‘Eiki Minisita ha maumau lao, pea ‘oku totonu leva ke ‘omai ‘a e tu’utu’uni koia ki he ‘Eiki Palemia ke ne fakahoko ha ‘ane tu’utu’uni mo e fokotu’u ki he ‘Ene ‘Afio felave’i pea mo e ‘Eiki Minisita koia, pe ko e fakahoko ki he Fale Alea ke fakahoko ha faka’ilo faka-Fale Alea ‘o e ‘Eiki Minisita.
    34. Ko e founga totonu mo faka-lao ia ki hano tautea’i ha ‘Eiki Minisita felave’i pea mo ha maumau’i ‘o e Konisitutone mo e lao ‘o e Fonua.
    35. ‘Oku ‘ikai tui ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia ‘oku totonu ke fakahoha’asi ‘a ‘Ene ‘Afio ke ngaue’aki ‘a hono mafai ke veteki ‘a e Fale Alea ka e toki fakatotolo’i’ ha maumau lao pe ngaue hala ‘oku te’eki ke fakapapau’i..
    36. Na’e tukuaki’i ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia ‘e Sione Teisina Fuko mo William Clive Edwards ‘i ha ‘ana polokalama letio ‘o pehe na’a ne tu’utu’uni ta’e fakalao ke totongi ‘e he Pule’anga ‘a e ngaahi fakamole faka-loea (legal costs) ‘a e Talatalaaki ko Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva mo e Kautaha ‘a e Kau Ngaue FakaPule’anga (Public Service Assocaition) ‘i he hopo felave’i pea mo hono ‘ave ta’efakalao ‘a e pa’anga ‘e $90 miliona tupu mei he Pule’anga Siaina ki he Kautaha Tongasat.
    37. Ko e tali eni ‘a e ‘EIki Palemia ki ai:
    (1) Ko e tu’utu’uni ko ia ke totongi ‘e he Pule’anga ‘a e ngaahi fakamole faka-loea (legal costs) ‘a e ongo Talatalaaki ‘I he hopo Tongasat ko e tu’utu’uni ia na’e fakahoko ‘e he ‘Ateni Seniale Le’ole’o, ‘Aminiasi Kefu. Na’e ‘ikai ko ha tu’utu’uni ia ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia, pe ko ha’ane fekau ki he ‘Ateni Seniale Le’ole’o ke ne fakahoko.
    (2) ‘I he tu’utu’uni ‘aofangatuku ‘a e ‘Eiki Fakamau Lahi Owen Paulsen ‘i he ‘aho 17 ‘Aokosi 2018 ke tali ‘a e faka’ilo na’e fakahoko ‘e he ongo Talatalaaki ‘i he hopo sivile fekau’aki mo e Tongasat (fika CV48/2014), na’e to e tu’utu’uni ai ‘a e Eiki Fakamaau Lahi ke totongi ‘e he ongo Faka’iloa, ko e Pule’anga Tonga pea mo e Kautaha Tongasat, ‘a e ngaahi fakamole ‘a e Talatalaaki fekau’aki mo e hopo.
    (3) Na’e fetohi’aki leva ‘a e ‘Ateni Seniale Le’ole’o mo e kotoa ‘o e kau fakafofonga lao ‘a e ngaahi faha’i ke fakapapau’i pe ko e ha e founga
    ‘e vahevahe taau ‘aki ‘a e ngaahi fakamole ‘a e Talatalaaki ‘i he vaha’a ‘o e ongo Faka’iloa.
    (4) Kimu’a ke kamata ‘a e hopo sivile na’e kole ai ‘a e fakafofonga lao ‘a e Tongasat ki he ‘Eiki Fakamaau Lahi ke ne fai ha tu’utu’uni ‘o pehe ‘o ka faifaiange kuo ulungia ‘a e ongo Faka’iloa pea ke totongi ‘e he Pule’anga Tonga ‘a e kotoa ‘o e ngaahi fakamole ‘a e Talatalaaki koe’uhi tokua na’e ‘ikai ha ngaue hala ia ‘a e Tongasat fekau’aki mo e tu’utu’uni ‘a e Pule’anga Tonga ke foaki ‘a e pa’anga mei he Pule’anga Siaina ki he Tongasat.
    (5) Na’e kole ai ‘a e ‘Ateni Seniale Le’ole’o ki he Kapineti ke fai ange mu’a ha fakahinohino mahino kiate ia fekau’aki mo e kole ‘a e Kautaha Tongasat ke totongi ‘e he Pule’anga ‘a e ngaahi fakamole faka-loea ‘a e Talatalaaki ‘o ka fai ha ulungia. Na’e ‘ikai ke a’utaki atu ha fakahinohino mahino mei he Kapineti ki he ‘Ateni Seniale Le’ole’o felave’i pea mo e kole ‘a e Kautaha Tongasat.
    (6) Hili ‘a e tu’utu’uni aofangatuku ‘a e ‘Eiki Fakamaau Lahi ‘i he ‘aho 17 ‘o ‘Aokosi 2018 ‘oku mo’oni ‘a e taukave na’e fai ‘e he ongo Talatalaaki, na’e toe fai ‘e he fakafofonga lao ‘a e Kautaha Tongasat ‘a kole tatau fekau’aki mo e ngaahi fakamole faka-loea ke totongi pe ia ‘e he Pule’anga Tonga.
    (7) Ka na’e ‘ikai pe ke loto ‘a e ‘Eiki Fakamaau Lahi ke fai ha’ane tu’utu’uni fekau’aki mo e kole ‘a e Kautaha Tongasat, ka na’a ne fakaafe’i ‘a e fakafofonga lao ‘a e Pule’anga, ‘a ia ko e ‘Ateni Seniale Le’ole’o, ke fai ange ha’a ne fokotu’u ke fakafepaki’i ‘a e kole ‘a e fakafofonga lao ‘a e Kautaha Tongasat.
    (8) Na’e fakahoko leva heni ‘e he ‘Ateni Seniale Le’ole’o ‘a ‘ene tu’utu’uni tau’ataina ke totongi ‘e he Pule’anga ‘a e ngaahi fakamole ‘a e Talatalaaki, ka e ‘oua ‘e tuku ‘a e kole ‘a e Tongasat ke fai tu’utu’uni ki ai ‘a e ‘Eiki Fakamaau Lahi.
    (9) Na’e makatu’unga ‘a e tu’utu’uni ‘a e ‘Ateni Seniale Le’ole’o ‘i he ngaahi ‘uhinga ni ‘e fa:
    a) ‘Uluaki. ko e ta’efakalao ‘o e tu’utu’uni ke foaki ‘a e pa’anga na’e ma’u mei he Pule’anga Siaina ki he Kautaha Tongasat na’e makatu’unga ia ‘i he Pule’anga, ka e ‘ikai ko e Tongasat, neongo na’e ‘i ai ‘a e kaunga tonu ‘a e Kautaha Tongasat ki he tu’utu’uni na’e fakahoko ‘e he Pule’anga.
    b) Ko hono ua. ‘Oku ‘ikai ke ‘i ha tu’unga lelei fakapa’anga ‘a e Kautaha Tongasat ke ne totongi kakato pe tokoni pe aa ki hano totongi ‘a e ngaahi fakamole faka-loea ‘a e ongo Talatalaaki, he

    ko e tu’u ‘i he ‘aho ni, ko e kautaha ni ia ko e koto nge’esi pe (shell company).
    c) Ko hono tolu leva eni ‘o e ‘uhinga. ‘Oku ‘ikai totonu ke fakasitu’a’i pe tautoloi ‘a hono totongi ‘a e tohi mo’ua fakaloea ‘a e fakafofonga lao ‘a e ongo Talatalaaki koe’uhi ko hano tolotoloi ‘a e ngaahi alea fekau’aki mo hai oku totonu ke ne totongi ‘a e ngaahi fakamole fekau’aki mo e hopo.
    d) Pea ko hono fa: ‘Oku si’isi’i ‘aupito ha ‘amanaki lelei ki ha ikuna ‘a e tangi ‘a e Kautaha Tongasat ki he Fakamaau’anga Tangi ke tu’utu’uni ke to e fakahoko ha hopo fo’ou, pea pehe ki he tefito’i tangi ‘e taha ‘a e Kautaha Tongasat ke fakata’e’aonga’i ‘a e tu’utu’uni ‘a e ‘Eiki Fakamau Lahi ‘i he ‘aho 17 ‘Akosi 2018.
    (10) Hili hano sivi’i faka’auliliki ‘e he ‘Ateni Seniale Le’ole’o ‘a e tohi mo’ua fakangaue mei he fakafofonga lao ‘a e ongo Talatalaaki, na’a ne fakapapau’i ‘oku taau mo totonu e ngaahi fakamole ko ‘eni na’e ‘eke (claim) ‘e he fakafofonga lao, pea na’a ne fakahoko ai ‘a e tu’utu’uni ki he Fakahinohino Lao Seniale (Solicitor General) ke fakahoko ‘a e totongi atu ‘a e ngaahi fakamole faka-loea mei he vouti ‘oku tauhi ‘i he malumalu ‘o e ‘Ofisi ‘o e ‘Ateni Seniale ki he totongi ‘a e Ngaahi Mo’ua Faka-lao ‘o e Pule’anga (Government Liability Vote) , pea ‘oku faitu’utu’uni pe ki ai tokotaha ‘a e ‘Ateni Seniale Le’ole’o.
    38. Ko e ngaahi tali ia ‘a e ‘Eiki Palemia ki he Tohi Tangi ki he ‘Ene ‘Afio ke ne toe veteki e Fale Alea. Fakatauange na’e ki’i tokoni atu e tali ni ki hono huluhulu mo fakamaama hotau hala fononga.
    39. ‘Ofa ke kei faitapuekina ‘e he ‘Otua ‘a hotau fonua.
    40. Malo ‘aupito!



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