Who we are?

Kaniva Tonga

Kaniva is Tongan for the Milky Way that rises over the Pacific every night. Our ancestors used the stars in the Milky Way to navigate across the ocean and to tell them when to fish and when to plant certain crops. Our media and entertainment service provides the same type of vital information for today’s generation. Like the Milky Way our aim is to be watchful, vigilant and to keep shining in the sky over the people of Tonga – wherever in the world they are.

Bilingualism and free of charge

Kaniva News and Entertainment is an Auckland-based Tongan news and entertainment services that provides a unique bilingual news, cultural and musical service in Tongan and English using digital print, video, performance and audio.

Access to our website is free. We are the only Tonga/English bilingual news service in New Zealand and the world.

We are the only media outlet which write stories in English and translates them into Tongan. The English version is published at the top of the page with the Tongan version is published underneath.

Writing our stories in Tongan confirms our endeavour to enlighten, inform and entertain Tongans who are not English literate while preserving and sustaining our Tongan language at the same time.

Our news and entertainment activities are focussed on the Tongan community. Our website is full of stories and information that show our vital role in supporting Tongan communities and maintaining their links with the kingdom, culture, human rights, morality, tradition, ethics, religion and families.

We value our Tongan culture, practices and customs. When covering news with links to Tongan customs and practices we explain how they were implemented to our non-Tongan readers in both English and Tongan.

In doing so it helps non-Tongan readers, or younger members of the community who may prefer to read in English, understand our kingdom’s customs.


We are the most engaged Tongan news website on social media. In January 2017 our Facebook page (Kaniva Tonga English)had 14,857 + likes. Our Facebook Group (Kaniva Tonga News Website) had 14, 641 members. The Kaniva Tonga Lea Faka-Tonga Page had 11,083 likes and our Kaniva Tonga Facebook (personal account page) had 5,000 friends. According to our website’s google analytic record as at January 2017 we had 100, 386 users, 491,426 viewers and 315,460 sessions.

We also have pages on Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Youtube and Vimeo.

Our platforms

We’re free, we’re socially engaged and committed to our community. An expanding service that supports our culture, Kaniva News and Entertainment uses a variety of digital platforms to reach out to its audience.

We have a radio programme on Planet FM 104.6 that provides people who are not internet users with information from our website. Recently, we expanded our services to include a musical group which promotes the composition and performance of new and traditional Tongan material through live performance and distribution through a range of digital platforms.

The group can be hired for community events. We use music as part of our mission to enlighten and entertain as wide an audience as possible. We analyse classic Tongan songs and explain why the songs were composed, the background of the composers and what the songs mean as a way of interesting the younger generation in the music and lyrics of their culture.

Further developments planned for Kaniva Tonga News include Tongan and English dictionaries and grammar guides, educational pages with basic facts and games pages for younger readers.

Our audience

According to the 2013 census there were 60,336 Tongans living in New Zealand, a 25% population increase since the beginning of the 21st century. Tongans make up 1.5% percent of the total New Zealand population. A total of 64% of Tongan adults have a formal secondary school or post-school qualification. A total of 80% of Tongans live in Auckland .

Our audience is literate, well educated and growing. As more Tongans in New Zealand obtain tertiary qualifications and enter the professions, they are taking on new ideas, new horizons and new aspirations.

Digital media such as Kaniva News and Entertainment are extremely influential in the Tongan community. While our primary audience is the Tongan community in New Zealand, we also have an audience in the Kingdom of Tonga, the United States and Australia. Kaniva aims to bring the Tongan community to New Zealand and New Zealand and the rest of the world to the Tongan community.

Keeping in touch online:

Tongans are extremely active online. It is common for families to stay connected this way. Tongans living outside the kingdom have connected and formed a new virtual community online that allows them to freely express their opinions, thoughts and promote discussion about all things Tongan within the site rules and regulations. Tongans in Auckland use Tongan online news media to strengthen their cultural, family or political links.

According to Kaniva Tonga News editor and founder Kalino Latu: “Tongan news and social media are the only avenues available to the majority of Tongans living overseas to follow up current affairs and news at home. They keep them up-to-date with the cultural, family and political happenings in Tonga.”