Police name man accused of stealing thousands

Kuo fakahā 'e he kau polisi ko e tangata ne puke 'o tukuaki'i ki hono kaiha'asi e pa'anga laka hake 'i he Taha Mano ko Tēvita Fifita ta'u 25 'o Fo'ui. Na'e puke ia mei ha 'api 'uta 'i Tatakamotonga 'i he 'aho 2 'o Fepueli. Ko e kaiha'a 'eni ne fai 'i he Office Equipment 'i Nuku'alofa 'i Sanuali 'aho 6.

Paper One/Trade India

Police named the man arrested in connection to an office burglary in Nuku’alofa on January 6.

Tēvita Fifita, 25, of Fo’ui was accused of stealing more than $10,000 pa’anga from the Office Equipment.

Police arrested Fifita from a bush allotment in Tatakamotonga on February 2.

He has been charged with housebreaking and theft and was remanded in
Police custody.

As Kaniva News reported, a CCTV video which captured the incident was released to Police and social media after the money went missing from the Fatafehi road office.

A search of the place where the suspect was arrested found clothes which match those worn by the person who appeared in the security footage, Police said.

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