Teufaiva stadium ready for business

Teufaiva stadium after it was upgraded. Photo/Kalino Lātū

Tongan authorities said Teufaiva stadium is now ready for national and international events.

The New Zealand High Commissioner to Tonga, Sarah Walsh, has officially marked the
completion of the Teufaiva playing field on Wednesday.

In 2014, the New Zealand Government announced that it would contribute NZ$2 million
towards upgrading Tonga’s national stadium in Nuku’alofa.

The aims of New Zealand’s contribution were to upgrade the Teufaiva Stadium playing field to encourage tourism, provide a quality venue for international, national and community events, and promote sports and active lifestyles for all ages.

The New Zealand High Commissioner praised the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
and the New Zealand company, Field Drainage Specialists, who installed irrigation and
drainage systems, and the new playing surface, ahead of schedule.

The major construction works have been built to World Rugby standards, and earlier this year provided the opportunity for international test rugby matches to return to the Kingdom after nine years.

“New Zealand’s investment in the Teufaiva playing field is not only an investment in the
future of sports in Tonga today, but one which will continue to serve Tonga and its
people long into the future”, said Ms Walsh.

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