Netherlands pledges to pay Tonga’s travel to European Union

(Photo in 2015) Dutch (Netherland) Ambassador Rob Zaagman (left) , Tongan health minister Dr Saia Piukala and Massey University Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey at the Pasifika Health Research Forum. Photo/Massey University

The Netherlands government has pledged to pay Tongan officials’ travel to the European Union in a new deal.

This has been confirmed in an agreement signed in Nuku’alofa Thursday 27.

The Dutch will pay  for Tongan officials who would travel overseas to attend meetings organised by the European Union in its attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping.

Tonga’s Department of Maritime and Ports has applauded the opportunity because it could not afford to pay for its travellers.

A conference on greenhouse gas emissions will be held in June this year in London and Tonga has confirmed its attendance after the signing of the deal.

Tonga is the second nation in the Pacific region to sign such an agreement with a country in the European Union, the government said in a statement.

The Director of Marine and Ports Mrs. Kelela Tonga said: “This signing is a corporation between Tonga and Netherlands which provide opportunities for Tonga to attend conferences that are held in the European Union. And let our voices be heard together with the other Pacific Islands, to address the greenhouse gas emissions over the International Maritime Organization (IMO)”.


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