Tanoa International Dateline Hotel begins accepting reservations


Tanoa International Dateline Hotel has begun accepting reservations and is expected to open in September.

Previously known as International Dateline Hotel and was solely owned by the Tongan government,  the seafront  hotel was taken over last year by the Fiji based Tanoa Hotel group for redevelopment, aiming to transform it into a four-star standard.

Tatafu Moeaki, Tonga’s Secretary for Finance said the renovation would be completed by the “end of August planning to commission early September”.

“In fact they had already made reservation from second half of September 2016 and a Tongan wedding is also confirmed for Dateline last week of September.  I am told by the Reddy the renovation is running smoothly”, Moeaki said.

This means the renovation work will finish earlier than anticipated as it was initially planned to be completed by January 2017.

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  1. Kamata e ngaahi puka ki he Tanoa International Dateline Hotel ‘a ia ‘oku fakaangaanga ke fakaava ‘i he māhina Sepitemá kau ai ha mali ne toki puka ʻi he uike kuo ʻosí.

    Ko e hotelé ni ʻoku fakalele ia ʻe he kautaha Fisi ko e Tanoa Hotel pea maʻu ʻinasi ai pe ʻa e Puleʻanga Tongá.