Prince Ata attends first Sunday service held for LDS followers in ‘Atatā


Prince Ata joined church leaders who held the first ever Sunday prayer service for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the island of ‘Atatā.

The ceremony marked a  milestone in the history of LDS church in the island as the church members will start to worship and hold meetings in the island. In the past they have to take 30 minute travels to Tongatapu, the main island of Tonga to attend Sunday services and church meetings.

President Tuʻihalangingie told his congregation, “I recall the times when members have travelled back and forth from ‘Atatā to attend Church; there are days when the ocean is calm and welcoming—and the next day it is rough and angry!”

According to the church’s news website the church thanked His Royal Highness for “allowing them to dedicate the home which has been renovated into a meetinghouse so members don’t have to travel back and forth to Tongatapu to attend religious services”.

The historical event included baptising of Lesieli Paea-he-Lotu Nau and her younger brother Kelepi Mafi Nau to become members of the church.

The prince was quoted by the website as telling the congregation in ʻAtatā, “The Holy Ghost will help us to become better people. This Church will make us happy.”

Prince Ata was baptised into the Church in 2015 months after the king ordered the former Prime Minister and his royal guards to intervene and stop the baptism ceremony.

Ata is the king’s second son and he is number 5th in the line of succession to the throne.


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  1. Naʻe meʻa atu ʻa e Tama Pilinisi ko Ata fakataha mo ha kau taki mei he Siasi ʻo Sīsū Kalaisi ʻo e Kau Māʻoniʻoni ʻo e Ngaahi ʻAho ki Muí ni ʻi hono fakahoko ʻo e fuofua lotu Sāpate maʻa e kau muimui ʻo e siasí ʻi he motu ko ia ko ʻAtatā.

    Hili ange ʻa e ouaú ni ʻe hokohoko atu ai pe e lotu mo fakataha ʻa e kāinga ʻo fakahoko pe ʻi he motú ʻikai hangē ko e angamaheni mei muʻá ʻa e pau ai pe ke nau folau ki Tongatapu ʻo lotu mo fakataha ki ai.

    Fakatatau ki he lau ʻa e uepi ongoongo ʻa e siasí ne fai ʻa hono fakamālōʻia makehe ʻo e tama pilinisí tuʻunga heʻene loto ke fakaleleiʻi ʻa e ʻapi ʻi he motú ke ngāueʻaki ʻe he kāinga lotú.

    Ne tataki ʻa e oua lotú ni ʻe Palesiteni Tuʻihalangingie pea fakahoko ai foki mo hono papi ʻo Lesieli Paea-he-Lotu Nau mo Kelepi Mafi Nau.