Prince Tuʻipelehake closes parliament, king warns nation to stay vigilant after cyclone


His Serene Highness Prince Tuʻipelehake closed the doors on parliament this morning and said  His Majesty King Tupou VI is warning that this is cyclone season and it is important for people of Tonga to stay vigilant.

In a less than one minute speech His Serene relayed His Majesty’s condolence to residents of Vavaʻu  following the deadly cyclone which hit the neighbouring islands of Fiji over the weekend claiming more than 40 lives.

Cyclone Winston destroyed 29 houses in Vavaʻu and affected two hundreds more. Trees and crops were extensively damaged.

The Prince said the king was grateful for the leadership of Speaker of the House at this year’s special session and also for overseas countries for what they have done to assist Tonga.

The special parliament was opened on February 1 and this morning the Speaker announced the 2016 session would open in June 2.

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  1. Ne tāpuni ʻe he Tama Pilinisí he ʻahó ni ʻa e Fale Alea ʻo Tongá mo ne fakahoko atu ki he fonuá ʻa e fakatokanga mei he ʻEne ʻAfió ke nau nofo mo tokanga hili ange saikolone ko ia ne ne maumauʻi ʻa Vavaʻú.

    Naʻe fakaava foki ʻa e Fale Alea makehe ko ʻeni ʻi Fepueli ʻaho 1 pea ʻi hono tāpuni ko ʻení ʻe toki fakaava ʻa e Fale Alea ʻo e 2016 ʻi Sune ʻaho 2.