Grave at a Popua cemetery vandalized

A cemetery at Popua was vandalized. Photo.Ngalo'afe 'Ulupano

A concrete slab that covered a grave at the village of Popua was partly vandalized leaving the grave opened with what appeared to be mats, clothes and ngatu buried with the deceased scattered around the cemetery.

It was alleged the destruction was an act of revenge, which was usually occurred when a Tongan was believed to be possessed by an evil demon.

A local, Ngaloʻafē ʻUlupano said he went to the cemetery today to clean up his parents’ grave and he was surprised when he saw what appeared to be a result of a vandalism.

He took photos of the incident which show the grave was opened and what appeared to be Tongan koloa (goods) buried with the dead person scattered around the grave.

‘Ulupano could not identify the grave.

He said a grave at the same cemetery was vandalized previously and it was allegedly caused by people who believed that spirits of the dead harmed members of their family.


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